Our mission is to provide a platform that supports experimentation and self discovery through events designed to encourage cooperation, connect audiences, grow new creative networks. While doing so we aim to diversify definitions, break down barriers, design new thinking and celebrate from a unified perspective.

The platform facilitates activities to further the cause of feminists, queers, and others engaged in arts and culture, as thinkers, designers, and as producers of new networks, through activities including, but not limited to, to the organisation of discussions and dancing, reading groups, podcasting, outings, exhibitions and zines, community involvement groups, symposiums and workshops and the building of local and international networks between groups of artists, researchers and others interested in connecting and opening minds.

1. Provide a platform in an alternative, artist-femme +, run space. Host events desired by Females : exploring fun, exciting, artistic, interesting, controversial, urgent, activist, contemporary, intelligent issues.

2. Encourage criticality, promote progressive and new language, and provide room for contemplation cooperation and creativity. Communicate in English then Dutch.

3. Connect audiences and collectives, local (and abroad) to art and events highlighting their hidden potential, connecting unconnected elements, and people breaking down expectations, and surprising the senses.

4. Stimulate cooperation and collaboration within supportive and creative networks in Eindhoven, and world wide.

5. Diversify definitions and expectations, surprise.

6. Celebrate women in all forms.